Friday, March 11, 2011


was it true or i'm blind?but i do...even though i'm not the first,i want to be ur last n u too be mine..its not that i dont want to say..i'm just too scared..what if i say those words then u run away from me?

I wonder if you think of me
Somewhere in the shadows of your mind
Although our love could never be
I find I think about you all the time
Am I in your fantasies
The way you always wander into mine
And are you longing endlessly
Just like me deep inside
When the nights are dark and cold
Do you think of me
And when you're lying all alone
Do you think of me
When you feel the touch of another love
Do you think of me
Am I the one you're dreaming of
Do you think of me
I picture you embracing me
We drift away and leave the world behind
But it's only make-believe
Love can be so unkind

trust is all i want..think of me as i'm thinking of u.....

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