Monday, August 30, 2010

Pagi Merdeka di Bulan Puasa..;)

Morning sunshine...
i was a little bit dizzy when i woke up. Crying..i just remember what a nightmare i had..really2 frustrated..but its ok..past is past even it kept distracted me like forever.
today i want to tell about someone i love(before).i want to write it here coz i want to forget bout him but i dun want to forget the memory i had with him even though i still keep the feeling for him wish he'll come back to me.but i know it'll never,please keep it secret here ea..his name is Mohd Noor Aiman Bin first i met him is when i was 9 years old.we're in standard 3..when i jumped to to the class (3A), i know i would never can be part of them.they are rich,clever an 'clean' opposite to me..i got nothing to proud of except one,i'm smarter than them.that's what i put in my mind so i could challenge them at any situation and i did well.they don't like me either so i don't take a damn of them.bully,lough,took my stuff,that happen everyday till i got no 1 in class.then they wanted toplay with me.i started to like this aiman, students called him 'jejaka idaman sekolah' because he have everything.good looking,friends,smart,status and PLAYER.that time  we always fighting.i thougt between us,it's impossible that we would like each other.i put him in one of my bestfriend list.but i don't kn after ow that the feeling i kept is i like him more than friend untill he proposed me at Kuala Lumpur in front of KL Tower.but not him who asked me.Solihin did for him.i bet he's 'malu-malu kucing' to asked me out.i'm very happy that time coz it think i'm the lucky person who had a boyfriend called Aiman Nasir.

after that,i called it as on-off relation coz i studied far from him and lost contact several time.until i got in to form 6,i'm the one who wanted to broke up.he's really2 mad at me.i asked a guy to act like we were a  couple to show him that i cheated at him n to make it a reason.i told him "now u tau yang i xboleh setia" i wanted him to think like that coz i want him to forget me.then he said "baru aku tau.sume pic kau ngan no kau aku buang.aku xknal kau lagi".that poked me..deep!

the reason i wanted to broke up is that time i think  i don't belong to anybody.he didn't know how i'm suffered after we broke up.i missed him so much.but i couldn't make it anymore.i hated it when he told me he's kissing with her.he told me he hate that girl but why did he kissed her??a mistake?yes it is a mistake that he shouldn't have i make up a plan to broke up.huh..stupid kan?yeah..i am stupid..loving him makes me crazy coz i don't want to loose him but i had to.after that,i don't trust a man saying that he hate a,he has a gf already.i wish him happy forever..

haha..hari merdeka tapi story about ex-bf..sengal kan aku ni..;p tapi nak buat camne. bangun2 je twos teringat kat,today i'm gonna lay on my bed and watch movie like i always did..;p see ya then..mmuachx..

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